Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday 3rd August 2008

Well what a year 2008 is turning out to be.

First I join an internet virtual reality world called Second Life.

Then I find the love of my life.....when I was least expecting to.

Ash is wonderful and lovely, warm hearted and as daft as me, although very intelligent. I love her so very much.

We are planning our way through the year carefully with the intention to get married the end of this year. :)

And we are going to church every so often. A nice church we hope to get married in.

I am very very happy. I love you Ash :)

You are the woman who has captured my heart.

As for the rest, work boring and ignorant. Sorted out financial stuff like a debt management plan.

Monday, December 24, 2007

It's Christmas

Hello readers.

Well its life. Still single. Still skint...but I don't mind so much at the moment as its too cold to go anywhere lol. Didn't stop my half-brothers taking me to Shrewsbury the Saturday before last. I fortunately am renewing a bank loan so i was a bit more flush than skint. Must get my bedroom radiator sorted too.

Apparently someone called the nitestick left me 3 messages.....hello Wayne - hows life? i know its you cause you are the only person ever furnished with that nickname.

Anyways, it is now Christmas, so eat drink and be merry. Or surf the internet or play games.

Have fun.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

This week

Hi there readers,

Hope you are well.

I am still single and skint. Which is ok to a point and I should really be looking for a better paid job.

This week upto Friday, I cycled to work on days. The boss was off Friday so was on me todd. It was the quietest day of the week. Added loads of friends to my myspace.

Then.....yesterday, went to Merry Hill shopping with my half-brothers for birthday presents, tshirts, chocolate(expensive new store called Hotel Chocolat) and a console game. I spent the rest of the time playing games, watching telly and surfing the net....well myspace. It was 9pm before I ordered pizza for my tea.

Today......hmmm went to the supermarket, sorting out some clothes, doing the washing, reading magazines, playing games and a little bit of surfing the net. Had my tea at a more reasonable hour today.

Thats it really. I must cut down the number of magazines I buy. Gain more confidence and hope the hedgehog in the garden isnt eating the cats food. Still, Man utd lost but Wolves won :)

Was going to have a rant but cant remember what about...mmmm all i will say there are some companies who are so blind they cannot see the wood for the trees. They must open their eyes.

Oh I was daydreaming this morning before getting up I was going to be on Opray Winfrey show....I was only daydreaming fortunately otherwise I would have beleived it lol

Thats it really. Two websites for you are - its the banner that made me laugh. :) and - about books including reviews etc.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

Thank you. :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

This Last Week

Hi there readers,

Well what a strange week its been.

Still single and skint.

The picture is of a train crossing Barmouth bridge taken from up on Dinas Oleau.

Well work was busy. I was on earlies, but from now till Christmas unless I change jobs I am doing consistently 8 - 4. My colleague as been seconded to do another task - which at the moment seems like a poisoned chalice. This secondment was a surprise to all of us and I was bit surprised I wasnt asked to do it being the one who is a graduate and all.

Still life goes one. Spent most of my weekend on Myspace adding people as friends and joining groups :) errr lots of. It can be very distracting and you can easily lose track of time.

It was after midnight when Iwent to bed last night. That is unusual for me.

I did chat to a lady called Kinky B via comments and myspace messages and left comments on other peoples myspace profiles.

The only other thing was that my half-brother came round with his brother to do my garden and his brother beat me on the game console on everything he tried. Gave me a lift to the supermarket though.

And finally, had bad tummy earlier and was in the bathroom....two doors away are Lithuainians listening to Lithuainian music in the middle of Wolverhampton. I was trying not to laugh. It was like eurovision/russian music.

Anyways two websites for you are; - to do with photography and a media(of all forms) review site. Please take a look and let me know what you think.

Thank you.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Week upto today

Hi there readers,

Hope you are well.

Iam still single and skint. I should start to look for a better paid job now I have finished my Master's degree.

This week has been work, normal days except Friday when I was on earlies. Company I work for is being sold so its now a wait and see. The week before last I wen to my docs who told me my blood pressure was slightly raised and I have to go back in a month to have it rechecked....well its going to be higher now!!!

Anyways, it was my nephew's birthday this week. Due to the flaming postal strike his present turned up late. Am not impressed and think the Royal Mail workers are being led astray by the conniving heads of the CWU union who don't lose a days pay when their members go on strike.

Oh and we have had the foot and mouth disease rear its head again this week. Only six years after the last being blamed on a lab. Go figure. Lets hope the governement are better prepared. Foot and mouth disease was what I once thought Jade Goody had got.

Mind you i can do that. Speak without thinking rofl

The picture by the way is a view from Alnwick Castle in Northumberland.

My brother-in-law picked up my nephew's present Friday....two days after the event. Hope the Royal Mail lose loads of contracts....especially as the silly post person squashed it through the letterbox.

As for the weekend, its been quiet....went to the supermarket last night and my mum's earlier for Sunday lunch.

Finished an RSPB magazine. There hasn't been much on telly to watch.

Spending time on the internet, you can lose track of time. Too easy.

Before I go, two internet sites. a Norfolk UK nature reserve. And suppliers of conservation products. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Thank you.

Have a good time till next time.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Last Two Weeks

Hi there,

Well its been another quietish couple of weeks.

The picture is of Barmouth Bridge from the Mawdachh Trail.

The first week was work and nothing really happened except for Arriva Trains getting the Cross Country rail route which is currently run by view is that it is a big mistake and it seems that putting fares up will lead to more people going back to their cars. Arriva's customer service is poor and the refreshment trolleys will probably not be available on most services.

Still skint and single. :( Don't mind being skint just got to look for a better paid job.

I read the new Harry Potter book in two days.

This last week, well Monday decided that on Tuesday I would go to Barmouth by train and take both my half-brother and our bikes. Went to Wolverhampton railway station and tried to book tickets. It wouldnt let the woman in the booking office book the 1650 return train. Through up an error. So I rang Arriva on my mobile, and they were adamant the return train was 1750(two hours back to Wolverhampton when in reality it takes three) and eventually said that the train was booked for bikes. If only the dialog box the lady in the booking office got this message instead of an error message. Funny though Jakob Nielsen's alertbox this week was about dialog boxes. This was after my visit to the hospital for the respiratory clinic appt which they said the operation on the back of my throat wouldnt lessen my snoring. :(

Tuesday: My half-brother stayed over Monday night for the early start. We cycled up to Wolverhampton railway station, got on the train. There was a bike there already and there are supposed to be only two. I made room for ours. :) There was no trolley service on the two trains to Barmouth(change at Machynlleth). Pathetic really oh and run by Arriva....surprise surprise. Anyways we got to Barmouth and once I had got some WD40 and sprayed my half-brother's chain with it we cycled across the bridge and along the Mawdachh Trail. Note the far side of the bridge. It had been tarmac'd down to the toilets at Morfa Mawdachh. Anyways we cycled to Doglellau stopping a couple of times for my half-brother to throw stones in the river. At Doglellau, I went into Boots the chemist for some tissues and batteries for my camera after we had a drink and a something to eat. Then we cycled back to Barmouth....had to hold a bike for someone on the bridge near Doglellau while he helped his wife get a bike and trailer across. The bridge was narrow. We then continued on stopping at Penmaenmawr where I had a drink and my brother took a a couple of photos. We got back to Barmouth eventually. Had lunch at the Lion Hotel. Then after a look at a shop across the road had a walk up Dinas Oleu further up than we had been before. Eventually we descended, retrieved our bikes and returnedto the railway station for the trip home. Changing trains twice and on all three there was a bike. So much for having to book. My brother bought his car up and the bike rack. I fitted it to his car and then put my half-brothers bike on the back. My brother then took him home. Note we played trumps 3 times on the train and I won all three games :)

Wednesday, well a quiet day, went to the docs and got prescription for nasal spray. Read a book and didn't do much else. Ooops, went to brother's girlfriend's sister's flat to reload stuff onto her PC. Took a few hours. Apparently it was her motherboard that had needed replacing. It works as she wants it too now.

Thursday - my work colleague dropped my other bike back. I got a new grip shift for my mountain bike which went wonky on Tuesday. Fitted it but it needs tweaking,

Friday, got up read emails, got bored so took return trip to Settle, I managed to read most of the Colin Forbes book i was reading. On the train from Manchester 3 women sat by me slightly tipsy. Kept asking me questions. Eventually after twenty mins they got off. I got home. Long afternoon evening. I like Settle, but need more time to find the footpaths that take one out of the way up the hills. It was three trains there and three back. I walked home from the railway station.

Saturday, half brother came round to do garden and I walked round to the supermarket. That really all I did apart from do some more reading of the book I was trying to finish.

Today, Took the racer out for a five mile ride around an extended block. It was windy. I finished the Colin Forbes book Whirlpool and been chilling most of the day. Thats it really.

The two websites are about energy and which is to do with scripts for websites.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

Thank you. :)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

This week

Hi there readers,

Hope you are well.

I am still single and broke. I have applied for an internal job where i work. Hope i get it especially if its better pay. My boss seems to think I have got it already....but.....I haven't. I have only just applied.

The picture is the entrance to Alnwick Castle famous for being Hogwarts quite relevent really.

This week has been reasonably steady work wise. Cycled to and from work everyday. :)

Must get my road racer sorted out though.

Read magazine articles again and today finished Cross of Fire by Colin Forbes. Its a good book. Very entertaining with his character of Tweed trying to outwit some baddy. Seems a bit farfetched at times. Its a good thriller though lots of twists and turns.

Yesterday I went to the supermarket and today to Essington fruit farm once my brother returned from dropping his girlfriend home.

Watched CSI NY last night. End of the current season :) very good episode. Much more interesting and enjoyable.

Watched an episode of CSI Miami today on DVD from series 3. There isn't much on TV in the UK lately worth watching. Hence the reading and listening to my music.

Oh yeah I forgot I have had four games of scrabble online at and won all four so far. :) Won't last though.

And my half brother's were round again Tuesday to do the garden. :) Got a fair bit done. The front is looking ok now :) Lets hope its stays that way.

The two websites are - shopping website for 'green' products. And - apparently a resort in Romania. Take a look at both of these and let me know what you think.

Thank you :)

Catch you soon.